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After a beautiful weekend in La Fortuna I can’t describe how hard it was to get up at 5.45am this morning! We all managed to get up on time and off we went again to the building site. As we arrived on site we saw 2 big mounds of dirt that had started to fall slightly into the trenches we so delicately finished on Friday. I don’t think Marvin had anything for us to do as he was waiting for the cement mixer so he made us do the most pointless job of scraping the dirt from the bottom of the mound and adding it to the top. As you can guess every time we started to get somewhere the dirt slid and it felt like we were starting all over again. After a while we managed to get it to a stable position and told Marvin it was fine.

We then had to lug the bricks we moved last week to the other end of the garden. It’s quite frustrating doing jobs twice but we were warned it would be like that. We must have moved half the bricks all working in a little team, me and Paul loading the wheelbarrows, Mum and Dad running them to the other side and Em and Chalkie unloading. The bricks are definitely my least favourite job. Also it was really hot today, no clouds at all which made the work even harder, we were all very happy to get on the bus at 3pm!

After work we went to the mall and bought a skateboard for the kids at our house, Brandon was straight on it and really good at it. We stayed outside with them for an hour or so then had some dinner of rice and beans, pasta and fried bananas. We were really tired today so went to bed at 8pm!







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  1. What a grand job you are all doing, only one more day to go, and you can all have a well earned rest,
    Mind you it’s a shame to waste your new found skills, why not volunteer to stay and finish off the rest
    of the estate?
    Granny n Grandad

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