Hidden gem in the heart of Angra dos Reis

I promised Steve that I would contribute to this blog so I thought it was about time I wrote one and gave Aimi a break!

So we woke up this morning glad to be alive. Of all the things I thought I would do, jumping off a mountain would not be one of them! But it was an amazing experience and I’m really glad we all did it. Standing on that ramp and being told to run was one of the scariest things I have ever done, but the feeling of facing a massive fear is definitely worth it.

Today we moved on from Copacabana and headed to Angra dos Reis, a three hour trip with a Portuguese driver that spoke a little Spanish. Aimi & Paul spent their time (impressively) speaking to the driver in Spanish, and finding out lots of interesting info about Brazil. Meanwhile me and Chalkie watched dumb & dumber (Claire I thought of you!) and I couldn’t help thinking that I should have learnt more Spanish before getting here!! The scenery on the way here was amazing though, with islands popping out of the sea and yachts everywhere.

When we booked our guest house a couple of days ago, we weren’t expecting much – I thought it would be a small b&b with the basic facilities. However when we turned up it was beautiful. The guesthouse was set on a canal with speedboats going up and down, a warm pool and a hammock on our decking. The people that live here all year round are very lucky!

We found out there was a private beach up the road so took the shortest boat trip ever (about 20 seconds) from our side of the canal to the other and settled onto Frade beach with a piƱa colada. The sea was like a bath so we spent about half hour bobbing up and down amongst the mountains.

We decided to have dinner at the guest house, and the food was amazing. It was about 9pm so I would have eaten anything, but even so the fish me and Aimi ordered was the best fish I have tasted. The staff were really friendly and went out of their way to chat to us, even though they spoke very little English. We have a yacht booked for tomorrow morning to Ilha Grande … so best get some sleep!









  1. Emma! So proud of you putting Dumb and Dumber on your Ipad! This is just brilliant!

    I still cant believe you ran off a cliff, well done for doing it, I bet it felt great.

    Loving the pic of the hammock Paul.

    Love Claire xx

  2. Hi everybody!

    Thanks for the reference Em’s, I’m really REALLY impressed with you jumping off the side of a mountain! After that you should be able to do anything.

    I am speaking on a daily basis to Cristiano (as he is from San Paulo) and he informs me about the places you are visiting!

    Keep the blog posts coming, they are all very good!

    Love to you all xxxx

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